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Build Digital Marketing Strategies: How We Can Help

Build Digital Marketing Strategies: How We Can Help

Getting noticed online is everything for any business. It can be the difference between success and failure, yet so many companies don't do it right.

Build Digital Marketing Strategies

At Curated Media, we specialise in creating content and making content work for clients. It is important that content is created to match your business needs and the needs of your clients.

Because designing and creating a content strategy can seem difficult and slightly overwhelming, we thought we'd talk you through some of the basics.

Know And Define Yourself

What are you trying to achieve? What is your end goal? What will your company be known for? If you don't know this, then how can you tell your customers? It is imperative to know what you are trying to achieve in order for you to successfully tell, promote and sell to others. If a business doesn't know what it is, it is doomed. It is important to know what makes you different and what makes you appeal to customers. We specialise in aiding businesses in their growth, but in order to get up and running, they must know themselves.

Use your background and your beginnings to relate to your customers, use your origin story to show what you are about and what you are aiming to achieve. Talk and reach out to your customers by finding out what they enjoy about the online aspects of the company. Investigate competitors and how they are engaging and reaching out to others and attempt to show what makes your firm tick.

Develop A Content Strategy... And Stick To It

Developing a content strategy is vital for any firm, and it is imperative that the content that flows from it is relevant to your company, your customers and suits your style - but also that it is consistent and regular. An outdated site leads to mistrust from customers, resulting in an unwillingness to enter in personal information and engage with the business.

However, it can be difficult for firms to update their content on a weekly basis, whether they're starting out or well-established. At Curated Media, our team of skilled writers can create consistent, high-quality copy to suit your needs and the needs of your growing business.

Get Social

As crazy as it sounds, a social strategy is almost as important as a good content strategy. While analysis of content marketing is vital, social media is a totally different ball game. With social channels you need unique content, images and an active audience.

Look and analyse at when your audience is online, and where they are from. Use your location and other factors to personalise your brand and your social media accounts. Know your market, for example, utilise LinkedIn for B2B purposes, whilst Facebook is better to deliver stories to potential customers and clients.

By developing your content and sharing it with the right people, on the relevant channels, you are ensuring that your firm continues to grow, and your material is shared with more potential customers.

Review Your Content And Message

Your site's content and messaging should always be evolving to benefit the customer. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is assuming that website visitors have a certain level of company knowledge, or that they use the same jargon. Your messaging should make it clear what you are about and this is a vital aspect of your online marketing content.

At Curated Media, we offer writing services to rewrite content and websites if it is required.

Content Strategy for Law Firms & Lawyers

Curated Media can aid you in the development of your content strategy by providing you with tailored content and unique marketing for your company. If you require advice regarding your marketing strategy or need content written, or the language on your website amended, our team of dedicated solicitors can help.

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