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“How Did They Get that Client?” – Opportunities Lost by Law Firms

“How Did They Get that Client?” – Opportunities Lost by Law Firms

Law firms are in competition with each other. And it is only natural that law firms look at the types of clients and cases that other law firms are winning. On a daily basis solicitors across the land ask themselves "How did they manage to win that client", "Why not us?", "Are they mad?".

Such questions are entirely legitimate - new business and new clients are central to the health of a law firm, and if the recent economic downturn shows us anything, it's that law firms have been hit particularly hard by a lack of activity in the marketplace. New clients need to be brought on board constantly, no matter the type of legal services your firm offers.

Why Content is important for your law firm

So, why didn't that client choose you?

There are obviously many reasons why a person or business chooses to instruct a particular law firm – a personal recommendation, a local office, a strong brand image. Yet equally important is online presence.

People and businesses are increasingly searching online to find an expert for a particular service or product. Even when a person receives a personal or professional recommendation to use a particular business or product, they are increasingly likely to go online to assess whether or not the recommendation is one they should pursue.

Just think of the way that you yourself go about making buying decisions across all of the purchases you make – the internet is likely to feature at some point when making a decision.

So when it comes to a client choosing a law firm, it follows that there's a high likelihood that the online presentation of your firm and the services it provides will have been involved.

If you don't present visibly online for search terms associated with your expertise then chances are you didn't even manage to get involved in the decision-making process at all - it may be that your firm missed out on the new business because you never in fact had any chance of being picked.

It may also be the case that the potential client very possibly didn't know that you offered the services that you do, or that you're the best local firm to look after their interests. If you haven't told your potential clients about why you are the best candidate for their instructions, it is unlikely they will work that out for themselves.

Content of value that is positioned prominently online gives you a chance of competing. It gives your firm a chance of convincing the modern consumer of legal services that you are keen to win business and that you are the right law firm to instruct.

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If you want to know more about how important online content is then please read our Content Odyssey Guide.

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