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What Google and your Customers are Looking For

What Google and your Customers are Looking For


At Curated Media we are always looking to help our readers and clients to cut through the noise of the internet. When we find articles of value whether from industry leaders or individual bloggers we always look to highlight their work.

One of the recurring themes in our updates is the message that quality online content is important – apologies if we go on and on about it, it`s just that we know it works and helps our clients win business and retain customers.

Just to prove though that it isn’t only us, here is an article from Econsultancy on the factors that Google looks for in determining quality content. Click here to view.

The points outlined show the importance not only of creating quality content but that its presentation to search engines in terms of format, length, use of images and so on is a science in itself. Merely creating content – even of the highest standard - isn’t enough in itself as it won`t find an audience unless it is distributed within a strategy.

If you need assistance with strategic content creation then we are here to help.

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