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When Curated Went to “Go Think Big on Tour” in Glasgow

When Curated Went to “Go Think Big on Tour” in Glasgow

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As well as getting a few free coffees, a nice pen and having a civilised chat with a few representatives from large companies, we had a relatively great time at the GoThinkBig Tour in Glasgow. Sit back and let us talk to you through our afternoon if you were unfortunate enough to miss it.

What is GoThinkBig

Set up during one of the bleakest economic outlooks for the country, GoThinkBig is an online digital hub aimed at providing youngsters and graduates with the skills to enhance their potential careers. Whether it be work experience, an internship or a full-time job, the site aims to provide career advice, contacts and tips to help workers land their dream role. By utilising their connections with a whole host of companies in the media industry and further afield, the organisation aims to motivate and aid people in taking the first steps towards their career.

Last week, the GoThinkBig team visited our fine city of Glasgow. Naturally, we went along to listen to the speakers and had a cheeky chat about content marketing and online strategy.

GoThinkBig Glasgow

In the heart of the Merchant City, a host of speakers and young professionals gathered to hear about how their digital skills could help them in their future career. The GoThinkBig event aimed to inform those attending the event of what roles were currently available, how they saw the future of the media and content industry and what skills would be vital in the future. The esteemed speakers were Colin MacDonald of Channel Four, Alan Bates Principal at the Henry Ford Academy, Steven Young a commercial web editor at Clyde One and Joanne Baldwin, Development Director at Bauer Media.

The speakers spoke of the importance of having passions and trying to obtain your goals. They also spoke of the importance of telling a story when applying for jobs and touched on the importance of digital media and the skills that were needed to secure a job in the particular field. However, it was only following the speeches that we managed to press the flesh and get insights into the world of content and digital media.

Joanne Baldwin spoke of the importance of reaching your audience, generating commercial income and finding your brand voice to ensure that readers stayed on your site. She spoke to our team about the importance of building a complete online platform and “completing the loop” from social media to all areas of the digital section of the company. With experience in a range of magazines and online tools, she provided us with numerous ways in which companies could commercialise their content. She stated that content had to be somewhat like clickbait to really succeed and drive the site forward.

Content Marketing Case Study: Ford

One of the most interesting speeches came from Alan Bates and in some way related to the legal industry. His speech on Ford and some of their issues when it came to online communications and content could be directly applied to many legal firms.

Known as one of the most traditional motor vehicle companies in the world, Mr Bates admitted that in some ways Ford were falling behind in their digital presence and online marketing. He stated that one of the major issues was that the nature of buying a car did not blend well with the digital side of the market. Many people wish to test drive or experience a car before purchasing it. Bates also stated that although Ford had a grip on the market, it was hard to connect to the younger generation.

Lindsay Morrison, a research and insight analyst at Percepta stated that one of the major issues facing Ford was that in terms of communication and marketing, they only appealed (or appeared to appeal) to people keen on cars. Unlike more modern brands, such as Hyundai and Kia (who often carry out pranks in their adverts to relate to the younger generation), Ford does not have that appeal… yet. It was this aspect that both Miss Morrison and Mr Bates were keen to change, and this would begin with their communications, marketing and content creation.

The Importance of Content

The issue highlighted in the small Ford case study applies to many legal firms, with some not willing to embrace the birth of social media, or use their content to appeal to a larger audience. At Curated Media, we believe that your content can make you stand out from the crowd and lead to your company becoming known to a wider audience. Good content can improve your search rankings on Google, lead to more inquiries and improve your overall online presence. As more legal firms embrace content marketing and outsource their content to skilled legal or marketing writers, others run the risk of getting left behind as they continue to self-publish blog posts and guides whenever possible.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

If you would like some help to nurture your own content, Curated Media can help. We work with lawyers and law firms to help fulfill their online content needs. Our team of experienced writers, lawyers, online marketers and web developers have the practical knowledge to curate, as well as create.

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