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A Day in the Life of a Curated Writer

A Day in the Life of a Curated Writer

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At Curated Towers, we work hard, play hard and write hard - well, the writers do anyway. Rather than preach to you about how great we are when it comes to creating quality content, we thought we would take you through a day in the life of a writer at Curated Media...

When they are not finding out what superhero they would be on the latest Buzzfeed quiz or bickering over the Guardian crossword, our writers can be found slaving away at their desks, creating unique content for our clients.

We know that every day is different - there can be training, meetings and calls with clients - but no matter what is on the schedule, every day at Curated Towers starts with the same thing… coffee.

08:45 - The team of editors and senior writers obtains the content needs for clients, assigning deadlines and content to each writer based on their skills, interests and experience.

09:00 - At 9am, the other writers arrive and gather around the kettle before accessing the spreadsheet with the deadlines and content needs for the week.

09:10 - Those who have slept in and show up late are suitably mocked and scorned.

09:13 - After a few minutes of playful gibing, and gulps of coffee, the team of writers begin to plan for their week ahead, conducting their own research into their assigned content requirements. This includes finding appropriate topics for their client’s sites, and planning how it can be shaped to express their unique online personality.

09:30 - Writers begin producing content for our clients, most typically (due to the early morning) short alerts. These short alerts will be tailored to news items based on clients’ fields of legal expertise. These 250-word pieces are primarily useful for clients and visitors to the website because they demonstrate that the website is alive and regularly updated. Short alerts tend to provide readers with snippets of news - the brief nature of the post means that much of the legal jargon and analysis is avoided.

11:00 - For those who have finished the bulk of their short alerts for the day, coffee time is here again.

11:10 - The content that was created in the morning is uploaded and optimised. The social team are informed to start the distribution and promotion cogs turning, in order to improve reach of our clients’ content, as well as engaging with Curated Media’s own social media accounts, e.g. @_Curatedmedia.

11:30 - The writers converse about any stories they found to be of particular interest, and how these could be written into larger, more in-depth pieces for other clients.

11:45 - Friend and all round SEO guy (also known as early-riser of the Curated Team), Douglas, has his first lunch.

12:00 - The team begins their research into the in-depth stories that they will write throughout the week. This includes finding stories on popular subjects that also raise legal issues, keeping ahead of recent judgments that change, clarify or muddy the law, as well as consultations and government proposals that might signal a change to the legal landscape.

12:30 (roughly) - Lunch, some better than others, judging by our writers’ sandwich making skills...

13:00 - Those that have had a working lunch, continue their research, analysing how content ties in with the overall marketing strategy for each particular client.

13:20 - Writers who have opted to go out and enjoy the Glasgow weather of sun, sleet and rain return to get the afternoon research and writing underway.

13:40 - Work begins on the medium to long blogs, all giving deeper insights into the law compared to the short alerts created in the morning.

14:00 - The team gathers round for ‘On This Day’, a quiz in which staff guess what occurred on this day in previous years, using a day-to-day calendar featuring headlines and stories. The quiz is a huge deal in Curated House (it even has its own theme tune), with the winner being granted bragging rights for the day.

14:05 - Following ‘On This Day’ and the bickering over who got the correct answer (usually involving the highly competitive and begrudging Stephen), the staff get back to work (albeit some with a bee in their bonnet).

15:00 - Fika/teatime break. Over tea or coffee and cake, the writers discuss the latest developments, legal issues, and any stories or articles they have seen either through research or via social media.

15:15 - Feedback on earlier work is given following the brief break, with any issues that arose when creating content or in the subject matter brought to the attention of the editor or other writers.

15:30 - Proofreading and polishing of in-depth content, getting it ready to go through the process of being edited, reviewed and uploaded.

16:00 - The writers publish their first few medium blogs, before beginning further planning for the content needs of clients for the week ahead.

16:30 - Initial plans are drawn up for longer pieces, with some beginning or concluding other more involved pieces of content.

17:00 - Some workers begin to leave and get ready to have a sleepless night (due to the vast amount of coffee consumed throughout the working day).

18:00 - The office closes for the night and the Curated Team are back in at 9, to do it all over again the next day.

So there you have it, proof that it is not all fun and games at Curated Towers, just fun and games a good chunk of the time. While cake and coffee are regularly consumed we specialise in writing high quality content to make our clients stand out from the crowd.

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