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Five Ways For Law Firms To Rejuvenate Their Content Marketing

Five Ways For Law Firms To Rejuvenate Their Content Marketing

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Many law firms are experts at what they do, whether it be criminal defence, personal injury or employment law. With legal cases, clients and fresh claims coming in, it can be difficult to keep your content up-to-date and not get stuck in bad habits when it comes to content creation.

Content is vitally important for your online personality, it assures customers that you are a professional firm, provides vital information for existing and potential clients and aids your firm’s visibility on search engines. Yet despite content being crucial to the online success of a company, many law firms still struggle to create and follow a successful content marketing strategy.

At Curated Media, we specialise in writing legal content for law firms. Here we look at five ways to update, or freshen-up, your content marketing endeavours.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is advertising that matches the form and the platform on which it appears. Social media sites have arguably mastered native advertising with the introduction of promoted tweets or Facebook “boosts”. As law firms find themselves looking for ways to cut through the noise, native advertising could become a vital feature to ensure more people are exposed to the content. For law firms, it is advantageous as posts can be boosted at certain times when clients are most likely to be online.

Utilising native advertising on social media will not only expose your content to others but prove inspiration to all those involved, as it improves the reach of your content and spreads it to a wider, more receptive audience.

Video and Image Content

Many law firms regurgitate a blog post or article from the “Daily News of the Telegraph”, add in a quote about what they can offer clients in a similar situation and, hey presto, content complete. This does not work in the long term. Clients want variety and content tailor-made for their needs.

Modern day technology offers an array of potential tools to use and make your own. Video and images could be used to create unique content, and also encourage engagement with different types of platforms that reach a wider audience. At Curated Media, we specialise in writing online scripts and managing video content - if you are apprehensive about using such a platform or if you require advice regarding video content, we can help.

Build a Brand

Many law firms see themselves only as a law firm and nothing else. When working online it is important to see yourself as more than that. Rather than thinking of yourself as a small cog in the machine, try and view yourself as the centre of the machine with others operating around you. Building a brand can be done through keeping things consistent and interacting with customers. Creating content with catchy headlines, interesting videos and appropriate graphics can grab the attention of potential readers and encourage users to share the content.

Use Your Expertise

As mentioned in the first sentence in this piece, many lawyers are experts. These expertise are hard to find and unique about your business, therefore, use them. Expert interviews and roundups are an increasing popular and effective way to create quality content. Interviewing experts in your industry or using your staff is a clever way to add variety and engage customers. It can also open up doors to a whole new audience, depending on who you interview and who they share it with. By asking them the right questions, relating your content to what they say and making the piece interesting, you are not only making it useful for your audience, but also encouraging the interviewee to share it with their audience - thus opening up a new market for you and your firm.

Content Strategy for Legal Firms

At Curated Media, we specialise in a variety of different types of content. By getting to know our customers, we create content strategies that work for them and help them reach their relevant audience and drive business. If you want to talk with one of our team for advice or to enquire about our services, please get in touch today using our online contact form.

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