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Music Matters - How to Utilise Spotify and Grow Your Business Following

Music Matters - How to Utilise Spotify and Grow Your Business Following


Regardless of whether music is an issue of conformity, convention or contention for your business - you can’t deny its presence. Employees, employers, clients and connections will all have some form of relationship with music, and you can harness this relationship to build your brand and your business online.  

Earlier this year, music streaming superstar Spotify introduced playlist targeting, allowing audience segmentation alongside video takeovers and sponsored sessions for brands. This targeting allows brands to track listener activity and music tastes. This means that brands can target their audience based on demographic (age group, gender, geography, language etc.), what they are listening to (playlist types, genres) and also how and where they are listening (time of day, device used).

Spotify's chief revenue officer, Jeff Levick said in a company press release:

"Our new targeting solutions based on rich behavioral insights combined with our global footprint in 58 markets give brands unprecedented ways to reach streaming consumers."  

Big brands such as Nike and Madewell are now using Spotify to create playlists, engage listeners and ultimately create greater brand awareness. But does this only work for big brands? Does this only work for ‘cool’ brands? We like to think not. Spotify is an under-utilised social media and marketing tool, especially in less fluid marketing sectors such as law and finance.

Spotify is used by your customers and thousands of potential customers - and no one else in your field is targeting them. Have you ever subscribed to a playlist made by a law firm? However, if, like everything else, the content is good, why wouldn’t you? Here are a few tips for creating Spotify presence to generate brand awareness.

Building Brand Awareness Using Spotify

Naming your playlist is actually very important. Of the top 100 playlists, 41% are named relating to context, compared to only 17% which are named relating to genre. What we can learn from this is that listeners choose music for a certain situation, not necessarily because it is of a certain type. The name of the playlist is also important for search, if you put a lot of time into your playlist you want people to be able to find it.

Our first meanderings into the world of Spotify as a social media platform look like this:

Songs About the Law, Curated” - an easy listening playlist with loose links to law but not tied to a genre. Perfect for law firm open days, Christmas drinks or even day-to-day working in the office. This may also appeal to students studying law hoping legal principles will sink into their brains through some legal listening.

“Songs for a Sunday Morning, Curated” - here we play on an important time period and mood. Sunday morning music produces certain imagery and is something people often search for. Smooth listening.

Songs for Halloween, Curated”  - Again, here we have used something people will search for. Around Halloween, many people will be looking for soundtracks for their party. Just another service the Curated team are happy to provide.

Building Your Playlist

Like any good piece of content, the purpose should be to serve the user. When you are making a playlist, think of who you would like to listen to it, when they will listen and for what occasions this playlist will be suitable. No matter how much you like a song, it shouldn’t go into a playlist if it doesn't fit. Circle ideas around your workplace and get suggestions from co-workers. However, it should ultimately be at the discretion of one person as to how the playlist should sound and flow.

Sharing Your Playlist

You have spent the time creating and naming your playlist, now comes the most important part - sharing. You can get a like for your playlist by clicking on the three dots next to the title, this then allows you to share the playlist through your social channels. Make sure to get your friends and colleagues to follow the playlist first to make it seem popular. Furthermore, through your business’s social accounts, you might want to market the playlist as a ‘free gift’ to your followers and potential customers. Giving people value is one of the most important aspects of running a successful social account. Giving value, such as free playlists and interesting and useful written content will engage people online ultimately leading to greater brand awareness and winning business online.

Meet Your Customers Online

Here at Curated, we like our clients to stand out for all the right reasons. If you are ready to give value to potential customers through bespoke content, get in touch, and get Curated. We provide tailored solutions for each of our clients - we don’t wait for customers to find you, we go out and find them. We use strategic content plans to meet your customers online and offer them value on behalf of your brand. They say good things come in small packages, but we don’t believe in packages. We look to meet the needs of your business and help you win business however we can. For high quality content, strategic marketing plan and exceptional playlists for law firms, contact Curated Media today.

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