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Is There a Business Case for Law Firms Using Instagram?

Is There a Business Case for Law Firms Using Instagram?

Most people associate Instagram with young people, celebrities, and bloggers. However, what is often overlooked is the business case for using the social media platform, and whether it is an appropriate tool for professional industries such as the legal sector. The social network boasts a community of 150 million users. Users that are well informed, and highly attune to brand identity. If you have been wondering whether your firm should delve into the world of Instagram, you are not alone. In fact, some major firms have already begun to harness the photo-sharing platform to shake the image of the law firm as being unapproachable and intimidating. Firms choose to display ‘behind the scenes’ photos of law firm staff and their interests, to show the softer side of their business.   This post looks at why so many large brands including law firms and other professional services are now using Instagram to promote their brand and also how the platform could be utilised to win business for your law firm. 

Target Audience 

Millennials, a very broad term including those aged between 12 and 34, have been hailed as ‘the perfect consumer’. Like no generation before them, millennials are well-informed about products on the market as a result of social media and internet marketing. This savvy generation will soon begin to seek out mortgages, buy property, start businesses and unfortunately face family, or even criminal, legal issues. As a result, the perfect consumer will seek out law firms to assist them. But is Instagram the platform for law firms to find the eyes of the millennials? The answer, as always, is that it depends on how you present yourself. It is an important concept in social media marketing that you join the conversation, not interrupt it.  When using Instagram it is important that you use it as a tool to genuinely engage your users. Post images that capture who you are as a firm, build an online relationship with followers and show a human side to your brand. 

Utilise Your Successes

One of the ways in which law firms fail to capitalise on digital marketing is by not letting the online world know of their successes. Instagram is an easy platform for demonstrating  new and exciting things happening in your firm. For example, if you have opened or moved into new offices take some pictures and use appropriate hashtags to let users see your new home. Using hashtags will bring new eyes to your account and hashtags targeting property, interior design and ‘new home’ may even bring you business. Furthermore, with the permission of your clients, you could even post pictures of what your clients do, produce, or have been up to. If you have worked with a new shop to secure the lease for their premises, wish them luck with a photo on your account. It is important to be tactful, and post content your users will want to see and can support -posting client success may not be the best strategy for criminal law firms. 

Brand Personality

Arguably, the most important way in which law firms can utilise the power of Instagram is to build their brand personality. Whilst the law firm website is the appropriate medium for demonstrating legal expertise, Instagram may be where you can show why people should work with you. Posting pictures of charity events your team has taken part in, pictures from around the office, pictures events you have attended – anything that shows the human side to your brand - can help build your brand personality and get users to engage with you. In a world where we are flooded with information and marketing, the millennial generation wants to feel a connection with the brands they work with. Instagram is an excellent opportunity to build these connections and give a true insight into who makes your firm what it is. 

Instagram Tips and Ideas for Law Firms

1.    Tell a story. Post pictures that demonstrate your firm’s culture and keep followers up to speed on what you're doing. Events, new clients, new offices, new members of staff, local events – all of these work well in engaging users.

2.    Engage, don’t advertise. Instagram users know an ad when they see one, Instagram ‘advertising’ is more about taking a holistic approach and building brand identity and relationships than blatant calls to action. However, you could post pictures of your print advertising and ask users what they think of it, this way you are starting a conversation not screaming ‘instruct me’. 

3.    Make people want to work there. Another way in which you can utilise Instagram is to show how good your firm is to work in. The examples of firms using Instagram below show an excellent firm culture and this makes potential clients feel like you would be good to work for and as a result, good to work with. It might also assist with recruitment, attracting more and better candidates.

4.    Live online. Instagram is a quick and easy platform to use. This means that you can reap the benefits of Instagram marketing in the weekends and evenings too, without too much effort. Instagram analysis specialists TrackMaven have outlined that Instagram is completely 24/7 – there is no longer an optimal time to post. However, fewest photos are posted on a Sunday which may lead to higher engagement. 

5.    Use hashtags. Hashtags lead to higher engagement and also bring new users to your account. Using specific hashtags makes it easier for users to find the content they are looking for so you should ensure the hashtags you use are relevant.  Whilst previously it was advised to stick to between 3-5 specific and relevant hashtags, this is no longer the case and using more hashtags will not negatively affect your engagement levels.  TrackMaven reported: “Looking at the interactions (the sum of likes and comments) per 1,000 followers compared to the number of hashtags used, there is a strong correlation to the number of hashtags used and effectiveness,”

6.    Only post the best. Don’t overwhelm your followers with too many posts – once a day is perfect. Also, the fastest way to lose followers is to post numerous photos consecutively, it clogs up users feeds. If possible, stick to a schedule, this way your followers will know when to expect content from you. 

Law Firm Accounts to follow – 

King & Wood Mallesons

Plesner Law Firm

Spodek Law Group


Above all, using Instagram demonstrates that you are a firm that gets it. You understand that a large part of you potential client base use the platform, and you’re not afraid to show a more personal side to your brand. You understand that in the modern market, you can’t wait for clients to come to you, you have to meet them where they are. 

Get Curated

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