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The Truth About Headlines

The Truth About Headlines

At Curated Towers, when we aren’t frantically updating our fantasy football team to win the office championships, we’re writing, reading and sharing high-quality content. We’re also thinking about how our clients’ content is performing and how we can get it in front of people who haven’t heard of them yet. So this week, we’ve decided to write about attention grabbing headlines, and perhaps more importantly, where those headlines take us…


Read All About It!

Headlines are undoubtedly important. They’re often the first point of contact between your content and its audience. But according to Copyblogger’s stats, while eight out of ten people will read your headline, only two will read the rest of your content. This shows the importance of your headline as a way of engaging potential customers. Regardless of the quality of your content, if your headline doesn’t draw an audience, what you have written won’t be read.

As we all know, there are numerous ways to share content. At Curated Media, we ensure that all our content is optimised so that it can be found easily on search engines and rankings. But social media is just as important as organic search, and it’s on these social platforms that headlines are particularly important.

To get the reader to click through to your content, your headline better clearly communicate what your content is about – if your audience is left guessing having taken a couple of seconds to glance at your headline, it’s unlikely that you’ve piqued enough interest for them to want to read more.

More Than A Headline…

While we understand that listed content, strong headlines and targeted audiences are of vital importance, there is something that in our opinion is much more important than all of them. Quality.

It’s undeniable that for an article to get noticed it needs a strong headline. But you could have the best possible headline in the world, attract millions of views and yet still be received poorly. A perfect example of this comes from the world’s biggest online news site. No, not CNN or Sky News… The Daily Mail.

As one of the most visited sites in the world, the Daily Mail evidently supplies good headlines. However, if its headlines are so effective, why is it still criticised by so many? Perhaps the example lies in the quality of the content that follows the headline. While “Watch your step! Lauren Goodger narrowly avoids walking into a puddle during day out in Essex” is undoubtedly a good headline (…) the newspaper got panned on social media and the mainstream press for being so over the top about a trivial event.

God help Lauren Goodger, whoever she is. I’m sure that puddle was almighty close to her Ugg boots. But this example is a good piece of evidence for proving quality trumps headlines. Regardless of how engaging your headline is, no matter what wonders it promises, if your content is of a low quality, people will not be impressed and they will only associate negative things with your brand.

Curated Media: How can we help?

While you may be rewarded with more visitors to a page due to a phenomenal headline, readers will not come back if the quality of the writing is sub-par. At Curated Media, we have a host of different writers from different backgrounds from journalism, the legal sector and marketing, who write content tailored for your brand. We believe that by assigning you a writer who can develop their knowledge about your company and focus on your needs, we will be able to create the best content for you and your firm. The vast majority of content creation companies write content on generic topics that are similar to your field of expertise to show that the site is alive and that your business is still operating. We aim to go further.

We aim to create content that is tailored to our clients and suits their needs. Unlike other content creation companies, we believe that by getting to know our clients, we can create content that drives sales and enquiries, which not only draws but also retains our clients’ customers.

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