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Why Are Some Law Firms Still Failing To Master Content Marketing

Why Are Some Law Firms Still Failing To Master Content Marketing

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Online marketing is all about content. Every content blog, research paper or expert on Twitter will try and slip in that “content is king” and that good quality content is the key to any online success. It’s been well known and documented by experts, yet, firms continually get content marketing wrong. How, in this Golden Age, are legal firms still failing to engage with clients online?

Why Should Legal Firms Outsource Their Content?

There is a serious issue when it comes to legal firms creating content - for many, simply getting content out there, no matter its quality or relevance, is assumed to be enough. Some firms update their sites with short, relatively meaningless and impersonal content, believing it to satisfy potential customers and show their site is up to date.

This goes against all that we stand for at Curated Media. We believe in creating high quality, in-depth and optimised content.

According to a study from Bloomberg, the biggest objection from clients was that the content they received from law firms wasn’t relevant. The length of content and the way it is pushed out also contributes to disengaged clients.

Write Relevant Content For YOUR Legal Firm

At Curated Media, we love writing content and we understand that it can be difficult to not continually update your site, especially if you have the passion and drive to grow and succeed online. However, if you report on every issue or release a daily blog or newsletter, your firm runs the risk of overloading clients with content that will lead to them disengaging. It is vital that you show some restraint and act only on the most important news stories that are relevant to your clients and your firm.

  • Ask yourself when creating content;
  • Are my clients interested in this topic?
  • Is this relevant to our legal speciality and the geographical area we serve?
  • Will this have an impact on my business?

Combine Your Expertise

Clients are looking for a company that they can relate to - a company that they can get on board with and know that they could make a difference to their situation. Customers want to know that they are getting the best in the business, and that their needs are at the heart of the firm.

The law is a complex field. Demonstrating, through the content you put online, that you not only react to the latest developments but know how these relate to your clients, allows you to show who you are looking to put first. By combining your expertise with relevant updates to keep your clients abreast of the issues that matter to them most, you are demonstrating a clear understanding of your field and providing customers with a real reason to hire you.

It is important to note that your website often represents your first point of contact with many potential customers. By writing relevant content and demonstrating your knowledge of the law and how it affects them, you are demonstrating why you are more than capable to help them.

Vary Your Writing Style

There has been a huge investment from multinational companies into content marketing, with many law firms investing significantly less than other types of companies. According to a recent study from Bloomberg: “A recent study of more than 20 million sentences and 160 million words making up 150,000 Web pages from 340 global brands found that 70% of the companies failed to meet basic standards for tone, clarity and sentence structure, as well as basic grammar and spelling.” Whilst we know it is impossible to have as much time dedicated to content as these multinational firms, it is important to note how seriously they take their content marketing.

At Curated Media, we understand the law, and how time-consuming a case or other aspects of running a firm can be. We also understand that some lawyers aren’t the best at editing or writing for business. Our team specialise in developing optimised, business-related content that fits in with individual content strategies. With such emphasis being put on content marketing, high-quality content can make all the difference.

Use Relevant Channels To Distribute Content

As we discussed last week, numerous firms use irrelevant channels to try and engage with their clients. If your clients aren’t on a channel you are using, then there is no reason to use it continually. Play to your strengths, and use channels that you know will prove to be effective in the long run. Developments in certain social media platforms and tools allow you to directly target your audience. Use these tools and make them a part of your arsenal to ensure that your content is going directly to those it applies to. In order to successfully target clients, it is imperative to know your clients and know what matters to them.

How Can Curated Media Help You?

At Curated Media, we have a deep understand of the law and a wide knowledge of the importance of content marketing. Our team are specialists in writing high-quality, engaging content that is tailor made for legal firms. We believe that by getting to know firms we can create relatable content for them and their clients. Whether it be press releases, blogs, site revamps, whitepapers or videos, we can create content that works for you, your business strategy, and most importantly, your clients.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

If you would like some help to nurture your own content, Curated Media can help. We work with lawyers and law firms to help fulfill their online content needs. Our team of experienced writers, lawyers, online marketers and web developers have the practical knowledge to curate, as well as create.

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