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Let’s Talk About: Outreach

Let’s Talk About: Outreach


This is the beginning of what will be an occasional segment in which we discuss one of the key matters of business and content strategy. We aim to keep it light, brief and to the point as well as giving some insightful information about our own content and how we manage our own channels.

So, without further-a-do… Outreach

Outreach is one of the most important aspects of any business model, and, it’s exactly what you think it is. Outreach is how you tell customers about your content and how you get them to view said content. You are effectively reaching out to them to inform them about what is going on and why they may be interested. Outreach can take many forms from the simple old word of mouth to a hazarding upon a hidden gem.

It is important that you use as much as possible and as many opportunities to publish and push your content out to the relevant parties. In order to do so it is vital to embrace as many tools as possible, however, we’re getting slightly ahead of ourselves, so let’s go back to basics.

Why is Outreach so Important?

If JK Rowling didn’t have some sort of outreach we’d all be sitting her like uneducated Muggles unaware of the marvels that are going on in Diagon Alley as we speak. If Apple didn’t have outreach you’d still be trying to cramp your disc-man into a small enough bag to not seem like a burden when you went a run. Ok, they were drastic examples, but you get our point. Outreach is important!

Getting noticed attracts customers, builds reputation, enhances the brand and ensures that you become a trusted member of a certain community. While there is nothing worse than getting noticed for the wrong reasons, there is everything for your business to gain if your business gets noticed for the correct reasons.

What Tools Should you Use

It is important that you use as many tools as you possibly can. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and many other social media platforms can be used to push your content to relevant people, groups and conversations. It is vital when using these services that you do not just publish and go. Forming relationships on such networks is one of the most important parts of using social media.If a stranger tells you to go to a bar do you nip in right away? Maybe not. If your best friend tells you to get into the same bar would you? Probably.

This is the best way to describe the best way to use social media as an outreach device. You must interact, relate and build trust with groups, pages and individuals rather than just blitzing them with content. This a crucial part of your outreach strategy process and one we strongly advise you to take.

Popular pages on the internet and handy tools like Reddit could also be used to post your content to a whole different audience and a whole different market. There are many other strategies such as guest posting on other sites and allowing others to guest post on your site. When guest posting it is preferential to try and post (or have someone post on your site) from a higher Domain Authority which in turn can benefit your site and search rankings.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

If you would like some help to nurture your own content, Curated Media can help. We work with lawyers and law firms to help fulfill their online content needs. Our team of experienced writers, lawyers, online marketers and web developers have the practical knowledge to curate, as well as create.

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