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Why It's Worth Paying for Quality Content

Why It's Worth Paying for Quality Content

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Recently, at Curated Media we undertook a small experiment, with a few writers looking at the cheap content creation companies offering their services to businesses in the UK. These sites look to recruit copywriters, keen journalists and the ever-skint student to create landing pages.

They do so on the cheap by either paying a penny per word or having a set fee for every hundred words. This may shock you, but a landing page worth £3.50 to a writer churning out content to ensure they can get Heinz Macaroni and Cheese in this week’s shop won’t be as effective as a landing page written by an expert writer. Here’s why.

Issue with the Business Model

The issue with cheap copywriting sites is that deep down, in their heart of hearts, they don’t care about content, and if it isn’t too bold to say it, they attract firms that probably don’t care too. They don’t care about the writer; they do not care about the customer, and they really don’t care about the quality of content. All the company running the site cares about is ensuring that they produced the content when they said they would; it has the keyword you asked for in it, and that they now have your money.

And, it’s not just the head honchoes running the company that don’t care. Writers working for these sites will barely break a sweat, because at a penny a word, if they managed two 200 word articles per hour, they would need to work for 2,000 hours to get £8,000 (that’s about nine and a half, 48 hour, working weeks).All the writers are hoping for is a quick pay out so they can go to the pub or see the latest James Franco effort on the big screen.

Good writers are a rare breed, and by paying them a penny per word, we promise you won’t find one.

The most common thing to see on these sites is either university courses, or shops that sell niche items and rely on eBay to sell goods. If you wish to show that your site is updated and nothing else, by all means, use a cheap content creation company.

Reliance on Keywords

This is possibly the most worked up I have ever been when writing an article. The more I delve into the depths that these ‘wordsmith’ sites stoop to for a semi-acceptable piece of content, the more I realise how much everyone is getting screwed over. It led me to ask, do these companies know that they are selling content that is going to fail in terms of search rankings, or do they simply not care?

Our writers saw requests for legal blogs relying on keywords. It’s 2015! Keywords to promote poor/spam content has been extinct ever since one guy at Google uttered the word Panda! This outdated practice of operation shows how little everyone hurriedly churning our content actually cares.

If you are looking for high quality, optimised legal content, or any content for that matter, it is important to trust the experts.

Curated Media: Experts in Legal Content

At Curated Media, we specialise in creating legal content for law firms, with our team coming from legal, marketing, and journalistic backgrounds. We can create blogs, scripts, press releases, whitepapers and in-depth articles for your online content as well as specialising in website rewrites.

Unlike content mill sites, we believe that by getting to know our clients we can create content that suits them and aids them in achieving their online goals. Our staff can target specific areas and improve overall performance online for legal topics and services relevant to our clients, thus increasing potential enquiries.

Good content is important, not just to keep your site looking fresh and alive, but also to demonstrate your knowledge and assure those that are on your site that you are the right choice for them. High-quality content can increase your performance in certain areas, improve your search rankings, expand your customer base and build your brand.

If you rely on search rankings and good content but think that you could save money using a cheap content creation site, go ahead and see what happens. Pay £2 a week for a blog and use the money you saved by hiring them to build a new website. By using a content production line churning out keywords, you’ll have killed the old one.

Note: This blog is 751 words long, so that will be £7.51, please.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

If you would like some help to nurture your own content, Curated Media can help. We work with lawyers and law firms to help fulfill their online content needs. Our team of experienced writers, lawyers, online marketers and web developers have the practical knowledge to curate, as well as create.

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