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FAQs About Curated Media

FAQs About Curated Media


FAQs about Curated Media Outsourcing your content can be an exceptionally useful decision in the world of business, especially in the legal sector. By allowing experts to create high quality public facing content on your behalf, you’re still engaging with new and existing clients while freeing up members of the firm to focus on their fee-earning work.

Today, we take you through some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our legal writing services, which will hopefully provide you with some insight into how content marketing can benefit your firm.

Is Content Marketing that important?

Good content can improve your visibility online, grow your brand and establish a relationship between your business and clients – so, yes, content marketing is important. By publishing fantastic content, you can acquire and retain clients and drastically expand your pool of potential fee-earning work.

Why choose a specialist?

As more firms chose to outsource their content to marketing experts, other law firms that publish what they can, when they can are getting left behind. By choosing an expert content marketing company, you are ensuring that your content is well optimised, relevant to you and of the highest quality - a specialist content creation firm will ensure that your content is not only well written but created strategically and delivered on time. By outsourcing your content, you can rejuvenate your content and enhance your law firm’s online reputation.

How do you write for my firm?

We believe that by getting to know our clients we can produce the best content for them that helps them to achieve their business aims. By focusing on your specialist legal areas, whether they currently turn a profit or you want to expand into them, we can write specifically for the audience you wish to reach. While many firms write on certain topics aimlessly, we work with clients to make their content goals a reality. Our content is written by legal, marketing and journalism professionals. Therefore, the content we create is optimised to improve your search rankings and visibility to potential clients.

What type of content do you write?

At Curated Media, we specialise in legal content and can create, amongst other types of media, blog posts, in-depth articles, white papers, press releases, website rewrites, landing pages, scripts for videos and lawyer profiles.

How does Curated Media Content reach our audience?

At Curated Media when we aren’t writing, we’re tweeting or pushing our excellent content onto social media. By exploiting the social media sphere (we resisted from saying Twittisphere) we can engage and attract new readers on a daily basis. Social media is about conversation and we use our content to get conversation started and join in. Using Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and even Google+, we can attract a number of different people from different backgrounds.

By ensuring content is of the highest quality this will improve your search visibility, trust and exposure online. Our content is optimised to attract your target area and are visible through search engines and have a social presence. While some of our writing may be finished at the end of the day, we only publish your content at appropriate times when your clients are online to ensure that they are exposed to your content as much as possible.

Do you work on projects, or must I obtain a retainer?

No client is the same. We can work with you on a specific project, such as a white paper or client guide on a discrete legal issue, or can create content on a monthly basis, such as providing blog posts or in-depth articles directed at your target audience.

Does my firm get a dedicated writer?

As mentioned, our writers have different backgrounds and different skill sets, from the law, marketing and even journalism. When creating content for a client, we try and select the best writer for the particular subject area in order to have the best results for our client. This writer will then effectively be assigned to the client and will write the vast majority of their content to ensure that the style and subject matter is consistent. This also means that each writer builds a very strong relationship and gets to know the client and their law firm. The writer will be responsible for the upkeep of the site or for sending the content to your team for review.

Is the content unique and original?

Yes. We are committed to ensuring all the content we produce for our clients is unique and written with integrity. Luckily, search engines feel the same - unique, well-written content performs better in terms of search engine visibility that in turn will increase your reputation and potential customers.

Is the content shared elsewhere?

No. Each article, post or piece of content is created specifically for clients and will be created with their business aims, target market and goals in mind. It can be shared on your social media accounts and other platforms, but no other company will have the same content.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

If you would like some help to nurture your own content, Curated Media can help. We work with lawyers and law firms to help fulfill their online content needs. Our team of experienced writers, lawyers, online marketers and web developers have the practical knowledge to curate, as well as create.

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