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Why Curated Does "Hygge" and You Should Too.

Why Curated Does "Hygge" and You Should Too.
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You may or may not be familiar with the Danish concept of “hygge”. Until recently, neither was I. The term hygge (pronounced hue-gah) can be translated into English as “cosiness”, however it is more like a sense of being comfortable, encouraging wellness and treating yourself and others well.The Danes think of hygge as essential to getting through the winter months, creating an atmosphere of warmth, romantic lighting and minimalist luxury. However, hygge isn’t reserved for middle-class hipster types. Everyone is doing it. Hygge can be as simple as getting together for a comforting meal, lighting candles or settling into a warm bath. As much as we would enjoy it, it’s not quite practical to install a bath here at Curated simply for the purpose of bringing greater hygge. However, we are going to enjoy the little things this winter, and I’m making it my mission to bring as much Danish delight...
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