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6 Quick and Easy Content Marketing Ideas

6 Quick and Easy Content Marketing Ideas

Modern work-life makes demands on much of our time, rarely stopping between 5 and 9. Client matters and the running of a business often plays a trump card, leaving content marketing and other brand nurturing projects discarded.


But... it's these content marketing projects that will help provide your clients with useful and relevant information; which will, in turn, see them reward you with their business and loyalty. And you can be pretty sure that if you're not providing them with the information they need, then someone else is.

So, if you find yourself pushing the weekly blog post down the priority list for the third week running, or you just can't think of what to write about, then some (or all) of these quick and easy content marketing ideas might help.

1. Ask Your Audience

You don't need to write all the content by yourself all the time. By posing a question to your audience or distribution list (on Facebook, Twitter, blog etc.), you can directly engage with their answers and reply in a blog. A good example of this approach can be seen here on the Content Marketing Institute blog.

2. Ask a Thought-leader

Again, you don't need to write all the content by yourself. Think of five or more questions and send them to someone relevant to your industry. The answers you get back could be worth their weight in gold in terms of useful information. Some tips on conducting interviews can be found on Problogger.

3. Commission

If you find that you don't have enough time to generate content then there are plenty of professionals out there who can help get you get up and running. Even a small marketing budget can be well spent on freelance writers or content marketing agencies. Remember, there is nothing more detrimental to your online presence than a blog that hasn't been updated or a Twitter profile that has no activity.

4. Repurpose and Reuse

You don't need to write new content all the time. It's more than likely that you already have great content – repurpose it so that it reaches its full potential. For example, if you have a number of blog posts that have an underlying theme, compile and edit them into one downloadable eBook.

Don't be scared to reuse material either. Reanimate an old blog post buried in the archives by reissuing it. It's unlikely that your readers will mind – they will be more likely to thank you for bringing it to their attention. You may even be able to update it with new facts and opinions.

Existing reports or statistics also make perfect infographic data. Infographics are gaining in popularity because they are highly visual and easy to digest. Huffington Post shares some excellent infographic resources here.

5. Share Templates and Resources

If you have templates that you don't mind sharing for free, then share them. People love free information, especially when it makes their lives easier. The bonus is that the content already exists and will require minimum effort on your part. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, or wherever takes your fancy. Just get sharing and remember to direct them back to your website to collect the item.

Or you could compile a list of all the useful websites, online resources and tools you use on a regular basis and issue it as a blog post. If they are relevant to your industry then people will appreciate you taking the time to collate them in one place. You may find that you've already been sharing links to good resources via Twitter and Facebook. Then it's just a case of gathering them into one document. An example of this can be found here on Forbes' website.

6. Create Content on the Go

One of the most common hurdles to creating content is lack of time, but social media apps for portable devices now mean we can create content on the go. Commuting presents an opportunity to issue a quick Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn update. You could even download a blogging platform such as WordPress and issue a short blog. These posts don't need to be long or onerous; for example, you could list those who have influenced you, along with a few lines about why.

All the while, remember to drive people back to relevant and useful information on your website, such as eBooks, whitepapers or blog posts. Your goal isn't to increase your social media activity (although that's a bonus), it's to share good content and provide a useful service so they come back for more.

Whether you work for yourself or produce content on behalf of your company, there are many simple ways of producing good content without the burden of producing huge amounts of text on your own.

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