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How to Generate Blog Ideas & Find Relevant Content Topics

How to Generate Blog Ideas & Find Relevant Content Topics

shutterstock 187794629Writer’s block, blank page syndrome, burnout. All content creators will face one of these at some point. We were struggling to come up with an idea for our own content, until our struggle became our idea...

Six Ways to Generate Ideas for Your Blog

1.Listen to your clients

Just like when using social media, you can post and post to your heart’s content, but if you fail to follow trends and listen to the market, you may as well delete your account. When creating content, listen to the feedback of your clients, gauge from analytics what appeals to them.

Most importantly, listen to the feedback. If someone gets in touch with a question, respond. If someone gets in touch criticising your writing style (maybe have a little cry) but then respond. Learn from their comments and use the feedback to improve your site.

If you utilise the power of social media or have frequent meetings with clients, look out for what questions they are asking and what they would like to know. For example, if you are a sports website in Manchester, you are going to have more questions about what is going Manchester United or City than the latest developments at Stirling Albion. Utilise what your clients are wanting to know and purpose your content towards it.

2.Use Google

We know, we know, it’s almost too obvious to write about, but Google is always learning about you through your content. By using Google, you can find relevant, trusted content through it’s numerous tools such as News and Trends. Although it is painfully obvious to say “use Google”, you’d be surprised at how many people try to evade using the search engine in order to create something unique. Finding and creating content can always be difficult, so if certain tools can aid you in the process then they are certainly worth using.

3.Follow an idea and run with it

So, this post was originally about HBO and Vice working together. True story. However, the writer wasn’t feeling it, and in the height of desperation about coming up with content ideas, inspiration struck. If you get some inspiration, run with it, let it flow and if it’s not quite refined, save it for a rainy day.

4.Work as a team

As much as we love writing and creating informative, high-quality content, we are not a one man army. At Curated Towers, we have a host of high-quality writers with numerous interests and ideas. If you are in charge of creating content but are struggling for inspiration, ask around. Look at your team and friends for inspiration or see if they have an idea. This can turn into a guest post which gives your blog a different feel and varies up the style.

5.“Borrow” inspiration

It’s a competitive world out there, with numerous companies and sites creating world class content. If you see something you like or you find inspiring, don’t shy away, but rather take a look and learn. Look for companies you admire and respect, as well as firms unrelated to what you do. If they are creating high-quality content find out how you could do something similar while tailoring it to your site. Whilst your competitors may be someone you want to beat, it does not mean that they are not someone you can admire.

6. Don’t always write about yourself

“At Curated Media we do this.” “We had this for lunch today.” “At Curated Media, we’re so funny...” No. Just no.

While it is vital to ensure that your content is relevant to you and your market, it is important that you share and contribute to wider discussion. Once in a while, it is worthwhile mentioning what you do, how things are going, and the successes (or indeed failings) of the business. However, readers do not come to a blog merely to hear a weekly report of updates from the office. It’s good to read widely about the topics you’re interested in, and write something that demonstrates your own unique insight. Readers won’t come to read a weekly advert, but they will come if your content is engaging and relevant to them, and to your company.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

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