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When Curated Went to Turing Festival

When Curated Went to Turing Festival


Last month, Team Curated and cronies went to the Turing Festival in Edinburgh to learn about the ins and outs of content marketing and digital technology. While all of us remembered our lunch money and permission slips, we also didn’t forget to take a few notes so that we could fill you in on the highlights and what really stood out from Turing 2015.

Full Stack Marketing: Turing Festival 15

One of the most interesting speakers kicked off proceedings. Mark Johnstone, VP Creative at Distilled discussed how sometimes the most exciting ideas didn’t always pay off. He spoke of the importance of thinking about your audience and whether or not they would be interested in what you were creating.

He provided us with two examples of when content had and hadn’t worked. One was a rugby infographic that very few people had time for. The other was an infographic on the singing ranges of music artists throughout history, misconstrued by a newspaper leading to the headline “Axl Rose is the Greatest Singer of All Timer According to a Study”.

Distilled gained worldwide (and Axl’s) attention – they had created content people were interesteCM6vcv3WEAA2Gg5d in and got coverage as a result. You may be wondering why a content creation company is praising content that got misinterpreted. Johnstone explained that what was important was that the content was interesting and of high quality; if it hadn’t been, then no one would have looked at it to misinterpret it in the first place.

Another Curated/Eureka moment came when Wistia’s Phil Nottingham came to the stage. Wistia is a video hosting company that soon found that their own content marketing could be shaped by… you guessed it, videos. He spoke of the importance of playing to your own strengths and being authentic. This draws an audience suited to you rather than the other way around. He insisted that a relaxed approach to show customers who you are helped gain trust and form closer relationships.

One of the finest speakers came from a man in a kilt. Mike McGrail warned those in attendance of the importance of social media and the need for companies to “play along or fade away”. He also spoke of the importance of having some sort of strategy.

According to McGrail’s talk, UK consumers are exposed to 15.5 hours of media consumption and more than 1000 adverts, per day. As well as standing out from the crowd with your advertising and social content, McGrail hammered home the importance of paid advertising and having high quality content that can drive people to your site.

What Drives Content: The SEO Factor

As well as analysing the importance of social media, key tools and high quality content, some of the speakers focused on SEO. Lexi Mills’ insightful presentation highlighted some of the challenges that can emerge for companies in regards to SEO and PR activities, and provided some top tips on how to overcome such issues. Lexi spoke of the importance of planning a successful campaign and using all the tools available to create a storm around a certain event or campaign.



Cyrus Shepard, Director of Audience Development at Curated Towers’favourite Moz, spoke of the importance of optimising content when it was published and to make your information easy to find for your audience. At the end of the day, it’s your audience that you write for, not yourself. Cyrus also stated that it was important to make sure your content was as concise as possible: 56% of people do not read a full piece of content because they’re impatient to find answers; 43% lose interest when reading; 38% find the layout confusing; and, 18% don’t trust the website.

This highlights that while high-quality content is of vital importance to find new users and retain customers, there are also other factors that can affect your presence online.

What Did We Learn?

While we thoroughly enjoyed our day out in Edinburgh at the Turing Festival, we were there to try and learn and enhance the Curated Media brand and pass on the experience to our customers. The conference demonstrated the importance of building trust with clients, creating high-quality content, utilising tools effectively and understanding the ins and outs of the internet.

At Curated Media, we believe that by getting to know our customers we can get the best results for them and their content. Unlike some firms that employ content factories, we believe that by knowing you and your clients, we can create bespoke content that enhances your business. We’d like to thank all the speakers and those who organised the festival for putting on what was a great event. We can’t wait for the next one.

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