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Meat-Free Marketing - Is the Digital World Changing the Way We Eat?

Meat-Free Marketing - Is the Digital World Changing the Way We Eat?

In the age of rapid digitalisation, people now have access to more information than ever before. This allows us to make more informed decisions about our lifestyles, our health and the way we eat.

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The online food world is an ever-changing battleground, between the weight-loss community, the food-for-fitness junkies and, of course, those who advocate a meat-free lifestyle - it’s no surprise that the internet is a great influence on the food choices we make day to day.

I haven’t yet used the term vegan or vegetarian because people who describe themselves in this way are only a small fraction of the meat-free marketing revolution. We now have: meat avoiders; meat-reducers; juicers; plant-based lifestyle advocates; plant-protein fasters; weekday vegetarians; and, many more in between. We also have ‘pegans’ which, after much research, I discovered are those who collaborate paleo and vegan in quite a vague way that I don’t fully understand. However, what can be taken from this multiplication of lifestyles is as follows:

•    People are becoming more aware of what they are eating and selecting a lifestyle that suits them.
•    Food lifestyle choices are no longer black and white - people are coming to understand being ‘mostly vegetarian’ or a ‘weekday vegan’ is an acceptable way to reduce negative effectives of meat eating on a global scale.
•   Content marketing has proven to be an excellent tool in promoting success for individuals advocating different lifestyles and this sector acts as an excellent example of giving value to the user.

Focusing on Two Examples: Deliciously Ella and Juice with Joe

Both of these individuals have had incredible success as a result of excellent content marketing. They have both provided a unique service to their users, by giving free recipes, plans and advice. They give their users value. Their websites have become the ‘go-to’ resources for individuals looking to adopt the lifestyles they advocate. And they aren’t the only ones – thousands of bloggers have sought to start their own food revolution, with many opting to shun meat for optimum health. These health-food celebrities are generally not selling a food product, a quick fix or a ‘diet’, they are selling a brand and lifestyle that people want for themselves. This demonstrates that modern audiences are smarter, and whilst they still want their problems solved, they want to make the decision about how to solve them in an informed way.

This idea can be applied to any sector. Take, for example, the legal professional. People rarely have legal problems, so when they do, they are reasonably un-iformed as to what they can do about it and who is best placed to assist them. Much like when researching a healthy lifestyle, people with legal problems want information. Do I need a lawyer? Who is the best lawyer? What are the likely outcomes? Do I need to do it now? Providing these people with information allows them to make an informed choice and fills a gap in the market for free legal information. Furthermore, much like the ‘weekday vegetarian’, it means they don’t always have to call a lawyer. They have the information to decide whether it is something a lawyer can help them with, saving both themselves and lawyers time.

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