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Ghostbusters: When ghostwriting works… and when it doesn’t

Ghostbusters: When ghostwriting works… and when it doesn’t

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There’s a ghoulish rumour going around that some law firms don’t write their content. Some firms employ ghostwriters to write content on their behalf. I hope we haven’t given you too much of a fright… Here at Curated Media, we have been startled by some even more terrifying divinations – that employing ghostwriters doesn't work as a marketing strategy. Instead of packing up shop, we're here to dispel this rumour, not only because we’re of the opinion that the right ghostwriter can bring a firm’s online presence to life… but also because busting makes us feel like Bill Murray.

The Spectre at the Feast

As we have heard time and time again, the purpose of online content is to give value to the site visitor, and ultimately convince the visitor that you are the right firm for them. Much of this content relies on giving the impression of thought leadership and authenticity. However, if the content is ghostwritten, surely this is disingenuous? As with the answer to many challenging legal questions - yes and no.

Not everyone is a skilled storyteller, but this shouldn’t be a barrier to telling their story. Customers engage with an authentic story, simple communication and a single brand voice. Law firms face a number of barriers to creating content which cultivates this voice and brand identity. But, where the specialist, motivated lawyers come together with the right storytellers and strategists, an amazing transfiguration of brand identity takes place.

Expect the First Ghost When the Bell Tolls One

There are some reasons why lawyers choose not to write their content, one of the main factors being time. While many lawyers will have blog writing on their agenda, time slips away, and the blog goes without an update for months on end. When it comes to law firms, creating content is not a priority. Furthermore, when you divide creation of content among employees in a firm, the site can become confused. With infrequent posting, no overarching strategy and no consistent editing the results can be uninspiring. For this reason alone, many law firms believe content marketing itself doesn’t work.

Alternatively, many businesses and law firms choose to hire ghostwriters to create their content. Some choose ghostwriters who are not legal experts. Some choose writers who they have never met. Some even choose to use the dreaded ‘content mill’, where anyone from the world wide web can pick up the content proposal and write for your website for mere peanuts in return. You know what they say about paying in peanuts…

Content mills make it very easy for businesses to gain access to content quickly and inexpensively from freelance writers, students and anyone else with basic typing skills. But content mills are on the wrong side of the ‘quantity versus quality debate’. It is far better to have a small number of strategic, well-created pieces of content that customers genuinely like rather than thousands of pages of low-quality content no one will see.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

The solution to the above dilemma is working with the right ghostwriting team. Content strategy is as important, if not more important, than the creation of content. Content strategy is the process of getting to know your brand and how to move your business in the right direction. Important aspects of content strategy are not only what will be written and when. Content is most effective when you assess why you are creating the content. Who is the content for? How does this ideal customer like to absorb their content? Which social media channels do they use? What are they searching for online? These are just examples of the questions a skilled content strategist will use to help create the best ghostwritten content for your business.

Even better still, not only will a content strategy team tailor and target each piece of content to win over customers, but they will also help you with the bigger picture of building your brand. Our content strategy team like to get to know our clients and understand their business and goals. We also like to get to know the personalities and expertise behind the brand. We believe this helps build the authenticity customers are looking for. We help you tell your story, well.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

If you are tired of being haunted by an abandoned website, we can help. Here at Curated Media, we want to help you achieve your business goals by creating the highest quality content and content strategy. All of our content is crafted by specialist lawyers, writers and SEO experts and tailored to meet your business needs. We can create (almost) any type of content you need to meet your aspirations, and will even help you get that content out there. We are not just ghostwriters; we’re ghostbosses. #ghostboss.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

If you would like some help to nurture your own content, Curated Media can help. We work with lawyers and law firms to help fulfill their online content needs. Our team of experienced writers, lawyers, online marketers and web developers have the practical knowledge to curate, as well as create.

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